Lifestyle: Are You Doing What Makes You Happy and Feel Good Inside Out?

It has been a while since I blogged, I had to take a break from social media for a little bit to detox, once in a while I always recommend a detox from social media and apps because it can become overwhelming and distract you from what is important. Today I want to quickly discuss the importance of doing what makes you "Happy", this is something most of us take for granted, we often leave ourselves and feelings behind while doing everything for everyone else and we forget that to make others happy = we have to be happy.

I like to brew a good relaxing tea to start with like "Chamomile" tea, It promotes good sleep trust me, Chamomile tea relaxes nerves and soothes the nervous system, therefore helping you sleep better. It lacks the addition of caffeine and is best consumed before sleeping, but as an added benefit, it also reduces stress, boosts immunity, reduces muscle pain and spasm, gives you clear skin.
Detox Your Skin and Body :
Detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health through a range of methods including yoga, meditation and more. 
It also gives you a glow up, detox helps you radiate a wonderful energy through your skin and aura. It's not easy but start from somewhere, remember you are what you eat too.
Even while trying to detox and cleanse, staying happy is very important, if you do all these and you are still bitter inside then it doesn't work, Lately a lot has happened in the world that can easily get you down, but know that there is a reason for everything that happens.
Ways to stay happy even during these tough and hard times:

1) Be with others who make you smile. we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Stick with those who are joyful and let it rub off on you, avoid negative people with negative attitude, sometimes when people see others happy they do their best to dampen your spirit, so if you know anyone like this, stay clear of them.

2) Accept the good. Look at your life and take stock of what’s working, and don’t push away something just because it isn’t perfect. When good things happen, even the very little ones, let them in and be grateful, when we put out good vibes into the world and universe ,good things come back to us, sometimes many of us don't notice it but it comes back, but if you put out negativity , negative things happen around us.
3)Do things you love. Maybe you can’t skydive every day or take vacations especially due to this pandemic, but as long as you get to do the things you love every once in a while, you will find greater happiness.

4) Push yourself, not others. It’s easy to feel that someone else is responsible for your fulfillment, but the reality is that it is really your charge. Once you realize that, you have the power to get where you want to go. Stop blaming others or the world, and you’ll find your answers much sooner.

5)Be open to change. Even if it doesn’t feel good, change is the one thing you can count on. Change will happen, so make contingency plans and emotionally shore yourself up for the experience.
6) Bask in the simple pleasures. Those who love you, treasured memories, silly jokes, warm days, and starry nights—these are the ties that bind and the gifts that keep on giving, sometimes sit up at night and talk about funny memories and experiences, believe me this will help you forget or push aside those sad thoughts that tend to creep in every now and again.
I hope these few tips have been helpful in some way, send me an email with tips on any topic you would like me to write about. Have a blessed day.


Beauty Talk: How To Detox Your Skin Inside Out.

Glowing, radiant skin starts from within—which is why you should also consider forgoing some trigger foods like dairy, sugar, and coffee during your skin detox.

Beauty Talk: Why Am I only Just Discovering MONAT Hair And Skin Care Products?

Quick Story:
As you all know I am a huge believer of the saying "True Queens Support and Lift Eachother Up", Recently I joined a group that consists of some powerful and inspiring women, we network and support each other, I did a post on Instagram about Skincare and Using Vitamin C Products For Facials, and I wanted to know other people's thoughts on using Vitamin C products, and she was happy to share details about a product she loves and Boom! we got to talking about partnering to help promote our brands. She works for the naturally-based hair and Skincare line company MONAT, and as you know, I’m a part-time blogger and always looking for new ways to build my community of followers so I don't hesitate when it comes to connecting with like-minded individuals.

Giveaway Winner Announcement: Meet Maria Ambruster [Interior Design Enthusiast]

You are all aware I had a Giveaway Contest Recently, I want to say a huge thank you to all that participated, I would like to present the Winner to you -Maria Ambruster, A beautiful soul and a huge lover of beautiful Interior designs, What I didn't tell you all was that there would be an extra gift to my giveaway, [An Exclusive Feature with the Winner] and I have to say the Jewellery Set looks so beautiful on her. [Don't forget to follow me on IG -@lindaobella for more giveaway contests coming soon]
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello all, I am Maria for those whom I have not had the pleasure to meet yet. I’m married to my middle school sweetheart Leonardo and I’ve been blessed to be the mommy of two beautiful girls named Jasmine and Mia.

Tell Us About Your Passion.
I’m a stay at home mom with dreams Of inspiring others to make their homes more than just a shelter. The passion for decor has lived in me for years, I have only just seized the opportunity to share my passion with the world.

Tell Us About Your Style
 If you're wondering what my style is well, I love to mix and match different styles rather than be totally traditional or modern. I love to add pops of color to my home, for example, my favourite color is blue and you will find all different shades of it running through my home from the bathrooms all the way to the kitchen. I always keep in mind the comfort of the people I love.

Finally, What are your personal views on how a home should feel?
I'm a firm believer that a family home must be both functional and beautiful, With that being said I hope my page on Instagram can provide you with some inspiration
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Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
Kahlil Gibran
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Beauty & Lifestyle: Never Stop Doing The Things You Love. #instainspo #youtuber #vlogger

I always stress on the matter of always doing the things you love, Life can be overwhelming sometimes and we forget to look out for ourselves, When life tries to bring you down don't say "Why Me" Say "Try Me", surround yourself with Beautiful things and positive vibes, add a splash of colour to your daily life, do things that make you happy and above all know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”
– Albert Einstein

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Thursday Motivation: 5 Ways to Get the Creativity Flowing. #Creativity #Inspiration

We’ve become so overwhelmed by everyday worries and duties that we’ve neglected the artists within us. No longer do we take time to simply express ourselves in a creative way, give substance to our ideas and let our creative juices flow. Even when we do think about taking up an activity that will help us express ourselves creatively, we don’t know where to start or we give up after the first obstacle, feeling discouraged. Yet, we fail to realise that we’re surrounded with opportunities for becoming more creative individuals. Thus, if you’ve been searching for a creative output for some time, here are several ideas that can spark your creativity.

Be mindful of the present

Before diving into the creative tides, you should slow down and become more mindful of the present moment. Expressing yourself creatively requires you to fully experience the present moment. You need to focus on the here and now and connect with your environment and your inner self. Not only will this enable you to experience life more fully, but it will also help you find inspiration around you and within you, discover new thoughts and ideas and commit to what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll remain trapped in your own mind and burdened with worries and concerns. 

Discover what suits you

No one is good at everything, so you need to take some time and discover which type of creative activity will suit your personality. It’s important that you find something that truly inspires and fulfils you. When exploring yourself, you should think outside the box and not shy away from the unconventional. If you don’t really see yourself playing an instrument or becoming a painter, you can find inspiration in other, seemingly ordinary activities, such as cooking. In fact, cooking can really boost your creativity by helping you become more mindful and discover your own creative process. What starts as following the recipes ends up as improvisation, experiment and following your intuition. 

Surround yourself with creative people

 By connecting with other creative individuals, not only will you get constructive feedback, but you also may discover things from a different perspective. You can share ideas, overcome creative obstacles and motivate each other. Furthermore, this will also provide you with a healthy dose of competition, inspire you to improve yourself and get out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’ve decided to take a creative approach to cooking, you can organise a dinner party for your friends, get together and develop the skills of a renowned expert for mixology in NYC to spice things up. You can craft cocktails, prepare finger foods and involve all of your senses, which will truly enhance your creative thinking. If you’ve decided to take up painting, you and your friends should involve your hands more and try different crafts. 

Immerse yourself in art

Even if you decide to go with a specific form of art or activity, it’s important that you expand your field of interests and find beauty in other artistic genres. You can listen to new music genres, visit museums or browse the Internet for artsy blogs and websites. This will open up new horizons to you and affect your own creativity. Perhaps you’ll find a new way to express old ideas or give a new dimension to your own work. If you’re a painter, you may get inspired to change your style. If you’re an artsy cook, this may inspire different themes for your meals and cocktails. Inspiration is everywhere, so make sure to keep your eyes and mind open. 

Be persistent

Finding your inspiration and the appropriate medium takes time. You may start off with a bang and then hit a wall after a while or you might struggle at first. The important thing is to stay focused on your goal and be patient. It may take some time before you feel satisfied with your work. However, the truth is that the result isn’t even that important. What matters is the process and your personal expression, so make sure to enjoy it.
Finding your creative output will help you wake up your inner artist and truly enrich your life.

Olivia Jones
Olivia Still is a professional life coach from Sydney, Australia, full-time blogger, and fitness enthusiast with a great interest in yoga and meditation. In addition to that, she is a proud parent of one extremely cute toddler and enjoys traveling and Marvel movies.
Currently, she is trying to get more in touch with her feminine side and explore the world of fashion, as well as to expand her business in an online form as a personal coach.

Lifestyle - How To Smile Like Instagram #Influencers.

It seems like everyone and their mother is on Instagram today, and it’s no surprise: it’s a great way to keep your friends updated on what’s going on in your life, or follow the lives of your role models. But Instagram has also been a way for common people to make it big: modeling or sharing their thoughts with audiences all around the world. Women that were living ordinary lives now have millions of fans they cater to daily, and many of those fans look up to them for inspiration and guidelines. One of those being the most important part of any selfie: the perfect smile.

                        Who are these influencers?

As we’ve said, these women are our neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family. They are women who have a desire to share their life hacks, advice and journeys with people online, and they do it in style. These can be models, like Iskra Lawrence and Miranda Kerr, makeup artists like Canada’s Samantha Ravndahl, or young fashion entrepreneurs like the Italian fashion icon Chiara Ferragni. With Instagram giving us sneak peeks of their lives, and, as of recently, a moment-to-moment live feed through Instagram stories, it breaks down the barrier between the celebrity and the fan. They share with us their heartaches, the bad days, the joyful moments – parts of their lives that were in the past reserved exclusively for them. It lets the audience relate to them and see them as real, flawed human beings, instead of worshiping them.

How to shine just like them:

Because of that direct link, these women get to show us not only their finished makeup looks and outfits but also how they got there, giving us all of their tips and tricks. These also include how to get that perfect smile that they seem to have in every photograph, and here is how to achieve it:
    Good oral hygiene:
The best tip you can get is the one your mom gave you when you were a kid: brush and floss regularly. There is nothing that can be done that will help your smile more than good dental care.
                        Watch what you eat:


Summer 2017 : Check Out My Beach Essentials. #Beachlife #Summer2017 #beachmode #summertime

Heading to the beach this summer? do not forget to take some of these goodies with you to the beach, aside from the usual -Sun Screen, and Bottles of Juice and water, you need to have few lotions, fragrances, and hand creams with you. Although i discovered people love taking other accessories with them and that just adds more twist to the fun day out.
However here is mine below ( I do not take much with me to the beach) 
Always have your sunscreen with you 
And the Perfect Pair Of Glasses.


Another Favorite of mine is - Rose Water

When it comes to your body, Mother Nature knows best! Seasonal summer foods like watermelon, leafy greens, and berries have a higher concentration of water to help you stay hydrated in the heat. In addition to drinking your daily in-take of water, it’s healthy and smart to indulge in fresh, water rich foods. So go ahead and enjoy watermelon – it’s 91% water!



Self-Love : Treat Yourself Right And Live Life With Gratitude. #Selflove #Love #Quotes #Motivation

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is show gratitude to my Creator And Ancestors/Guides, then I try to spread love and light to others around me, many people would strive to be where you are today, wake up without complaint because guess what "you are alive", some did not make it, some are strapped to medical beds, some can't even get up to use the toilet or bathroom themselves, but you- you woke up this morning, stood up, walked and felt your feet move, you had better be grateful and stop complaining about what you do not have and appreciate what you have because money can't buy "LIFE,HAPPINESS OR LOVE". Love yourself and stop waiting for other people to shower you with love and care, show yourself true love and Love will come to you , when you see a fellow male or female friend happy, be happy for them and watch happiness come to you, I am very immersed in spiritual knowledge and I understand the laws of the universe, I use crystals to heal and mend, I Sage myself when I feel any negative energy and I use my element which is "water" to cleanse my soul and body, and I welcome the spirit of love to radiate it's magical energy all through my body,mind and soul. There is magic in this world, many of us are so blind to see it, many of you live your life the way others want you to live it rather than follow your dreams, you dance to the beat of other people's drums, today is a new day, make a choice and turn your life around by showing yourself LOVE 💋May Blessing, Love and Light Be with You Always 🙏🏻🕯🔮🌙💜💙photo By @ao_photography ðŸŒ·#mua@mebyomotola 


FASHION : Sneak Preview Of My Bespoke Bedazzled Bra Design. #Womenfashion #Fashion #Style

Okay My Lovelies, here is a sneak peek of my Bedazzled World, many of you know i love everything from "Bespoke to Luxury To Glam", Last year i lunched a series of Sparkly Lingerie and i was amazed at the great and positive feedback, i am glad i could support a few charities with the proceeds.

Why Bespoke? Because i feel we all have to be Unique, i love creating objects and items that are Unique and special call it "One of a Kind", that lovely feeling you get when you open your wardrobe or closet and see a design owned by No other but you, believe me it's the greatest feeling in the world.

Would you like to Own a Bespoke Bedazzled Lingerie? Be it Bra, Panties, Lingerie, Heels ,you Name it , Simply Email  For more Inquiry.

Image result for beauty gif

 Image result for beauty gif

Photography - Abi Oshodi
Make Up Artist- MeByOmotola
Stylist- Starlet 
Bra Design - Linda Bella
Retoucher : OTSMINC

Other Bespoke Designs By Linda Bella

Do not copy, save, download or use any image in this post without my express written permission.