The Importance of Healing : It's Crucial To Understand That 'We Repeat What We Don't Repair'.

First of all, let me start this post off but wishing you all a Happy and wonderful new month, it is my prayer that we all experience magical things this month, today's write-up is a sensitive one so please stick with me.

Have you ever heard the expression "Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop"? Well, this quote was the most accurate thing I've read recently. I'm slowly coming to understand that the things that hurt us actually offer doors to fresh starts and fresh chances. For instance, when you cut off a negative friend, coworker, partner, or family member, you start to look for ways to move on, to heal, and to feel less depressed because that stuff hurts and I always say that only people you allow close to your heart and soul can hurt you; I'm not talking about physical "Hurt," here.
Strangers would mistreat us, yet we would eventually let it go. Why? It's simple to brush it aside after a little while since that person doesn't mean anything to us; however, if that hurt comes from a close friend, family member, or spouse, it feels like a spear to the heart.


Self-Love Is Not Selfish: How I Spent My Valentine's Day 2023.

Valentines...Ah! The day so many people feel on edge, the anxiety attack, the sense of entitlement, the wishful thinking (he should propose today), the day most people build up all their hopes and dreams on an individual to make all their dreams come true, or- maybe it's just a day like any other day you should show love to yourself, but on that particular date you can feel free to go overboard for yourself, or those around you, but you should never feel pressured to do anything you can't.

Did that make sense? ... Please read on for more details and please don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you like my content.
Self-Love Is Not Selfish: How I Spent My Valentine's Day 2023.

Happy New Year : New Year, Same Energy, New Goals + 13 Quotes To Live By In 2023.

As you look forward to leaving certain memories of 2022 behind and entering 2023, take inspiration and hope with you so that you can start afresh and complete the things you started but did not complete last year. I truly hope you are able to navigate this year easily without letting anything or anyone hold you back. When a new year comes along we often hear the saying -"New year, New Me" lol but most of the time many of us end up doing the same things we do over and over again, but if you were able to re-brand and own your energy last year then this year might just be a tad bit easy for you to navigate through.
In this post, I will share some of my favorite quotes that help keep me sane. 

Merry Christmas: Wonderful Tips On How To Stay Happy During The Festive Season.

 🎄⛄Christmas is not just about what's under the tree, it's about who's gathered around it, The way you spend your Christmas is far more important than how much you spent getting ready for it, Some people could spend a fortune and still be so moody and unhappy on that day, It's all down to the vibe and energy around you on that day that's why I say Christmas is not a season, It's a Feeling.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.
Merry Christmas from Linda Bella

Lifestyle : How To Zen Up Your Home Effortlessly.

So I know we all have an eye for beautiful things and filling up our homes and spaces with lovely objects and decor items but while doing this try not to be a "Hoarder", when you have a home filled with things you don't need and it's all claustrophobic, you would struggle to achieve the "Zen" feeling, this post will teach you how to create an airy, positive Zen space/feeling around your home, home office, workspace and environment effortlessly using beautiful decors, crystals & Gemstones.

Lifestyle: Reasons Why Protecting Your Energy And Aura Is Very Crucial.

There is so much negativity going on and it becomes draining because while dealing with these happenings in the world you also have to deal with people I like to call "Energy Vampires".
Who are Energy Vampires?
Energy vampires are emotionally immature individuals who have the sense that the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person's perspective. They often lack empathy, they drain the life out of you and leave you feeling like an empty shell afterwards.

Lifestyle: 5 Tips On Ways To Stay Happy And Healthy.

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”
– Buddha
Hope you are all well? I know you are doing all you can to stay sane, happy and positive even though it can be so hard especially during hard times, give yourself a pat in the back for all you are doing no matter how small because it is not easy especially with all the sadness and negative energies in the world today, I recently lost a very good friend/sister of over 10 years, she passed away so suddenly and it was a huge blow to my chest, however, I have to try to be strong and positive.

Look Lavish and Lush In Ristetto Glasses By Danish Eye Wear Brand Christopher Cloos x Elsa Hosk - Malibu Collection.

Radiant and opulent, the Cloos x Elsa eyewear collections are destined to dazzle this summer.
I am loving the Cloos x Elsa collection because of the finishing detail, rather than just practical pieces, their eyewear gives you an opportunity to extend your style and personality.

Life Lessons: Knowing When To Give The Gift Of Your Absence To Those That Don't Appreciate Your Presence.

I was looking back on some of my old topics and I found a comment someone left that resonated with an experience I have had and I'd like to share some tips and advice with you all today in hope that it helps you deal with whatever situation you are faced with in relation to toxic friendships and relationships, or just that general feeling of depression due to your connection with a person or a particular situation that has left you feeling rejected or ignored.

My Favorite Motivational Quotes On Living Your Best Life and Letting Nothing Hold You Back.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we all desire to live a happy, positive and fulfilling life. We live in the age of social media and a highly digitized world, which can make you feel that you lack or have lost touch with the things or people that make you happy, but that's okay because you are not alone in this feeling.

Lifestyle: How To Make A Healthy Homemade Seafood Salad Quickly.

This simple but totally flavorful Seafood salad makes the perfect meal-prep meal for lunch or dinner thanks to pan-seared citrus and Chilli-flavored Prawns, creamy avocado, and a mixture of other veggies.

Lifestyle: Happy Mother's Day To All The Queens Out There.

Okay, so I am not your typical girl with the same mindset as everyone else, the way I reason is bespoke and weirdly awesome. When I say Happy Mother's Day to all the Queens I am directing it at all the women in the world, whether they have kids or not.

Beauty : Phytomer's New Face-care Line :Cyfolia Is Giving Me So Much Life.

Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. As you all know, I have very sensitive skin and I am always looking for the best and most natural products to try and I have a feeling I have found it. Let me tell you more about PHYTOMER's Organic Skin Care Line- CYFOLIA.